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Silk shawl Mary

Silk shawl Mary

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100% Turkmen silk. Hand-woven and embroidered with traditional motifs. Produced by Turkmen women at their homes.


Length: approx. 178cm (without fringes)
Width: approx. 34cm
Weight: 200g

Product details

100% Turkmen silk. Bi-colour chatoyant. Hand-woven and embroidered. The shawls are woven on simple wooden looms. Woven by women in their homes, embroidered with traditional motifs. Depending on the weaver, motifs can vary. Slight unevenness in the structure is normal. By selling one shawl, a Turkmen weaver can cater for her family for up to 10 days. It is often her only chance to generate additional income.

Silk shawl, hand-woven and embroidered; 100% silk. Country of origin: Turkmenistan

Unique features

Obtaining silk shawls from the very closed Turkmenistan is currently very difficult. Small editions only in our shop. With your purchase of one of those art works you support Turkmen women who often live extremely isolated. You add to her dignity and self-determination.

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